Thursday: Busy doing nothing.

After breakfast my financial advisor had me do a bit of housekeeping with our banking. And since it seems that I’m also in charge of remembering all the usernames and passwords for the online banking sites she sometimes likes to visit, I spent quite some time reorganizing the bookmarks on her iPad browser and resetting various passwords. So that basically shot the morning.

After lunch I took the van into Apache Junction for service. I had to get rid of that ‘Service Engine’ warning light. I noticed that there was a big strip of goop on the windshield, and some eggshell next to the van — either someone is trying to send us a message or one of those excited birds lost part of her load as she flew over our driveway. In any case, it was time to take the van to the carwash. Twice. The first time through didn’t wash the baked-on egg off the van. Neither did the second go round. So, after hitting a thousand balls at the driving range I parked on the driveway, got a big pail of warm soapy water, and ‘scoured’ that crap off the windshield and the top of the van.

So it took no time at all to have wasted away a whole day and read NOT ONE WORD in the big book I’m reading or CAPTION ONE PHOTO in my Danube photos project. Good thing I’m retired and have all the time in the world.

Sue got supper going (even though she’s not at all hungry — that flu bug isn’t quite done with her yet) and we watched a few more episodes of ‘Suits’. Quite a few more episodes. We took a break to watch the CBC News but then got right back to it. We’ve got 8 episodes left — and then we can switch to one of the other series on our list. It’s becoming quite clear that we will not finish all the books, tv shows, movies, golf games, hikes, excursions, etc that we thought we’d get to during this winter. Less than a month to go. Gotta get busy.