Walmart on Bike

I worked on the newsletter all morning. I had bought two TV antennas at Walmart a couple of days ago — one for $10 and one for $45. Since the $10 one worked so well (actually, a makeshift coax cable worked quite well!) I needed to return the other antenna. So after lunch I tied the box onto the carrier on my bike and Sue and I cycled into Apache Junction to return it. The shoulder on Hwy 60 has been repaved almost all the way to Apache Junction so the ride was quite easy. No wind. Got to Walmart and stood in line at the ‘Customer Service’ for a while. After the refund we cycled back home. Had a shower and a quick ‘sundowner’ drink. Then just after 5 we went to the ‘trailer park’ to the Dycks for dinner. The evenings are cooling off! Robert had correctly guessed that Sue really wanted barbecued salmon and it was delicious. After supper Robert found the Thursday Night Football game on TV. We got home just in time to see the Raiders win their first game in over a year, shocking the KC Chiefs. Wow.