Wildcard Saturday

Saturday morning. Woke up early again. The good thing is that the sun comes up early too, and we get some nice sunshine in our kitchen and dining room. We read our emails and stuff, and then Sue made bacon and eggs. Great.

Sue did her morning exercises. I ordered that white iPad mini for Sue online — it’ll only arrive here in 2 weeks or so. Tim and Alex and Max skyped us — updates on THEIR passport problems, etc. At around 11 we got on our bikes to go for a ride. Just as we left our driveway the Fedex truck pulled up. Here comes our package. I took it inside, opened it just to make sure — yep, it’s Sue’s purse and contents, arrived from Albuquerque. Locked the door behind me and got back on the bike. We cycled north out of our complex, and up to Country Club Drive. Stopped at the Bristol Farms grocery store — kind of like Trader Joe’s but more ‘organic’. Nice. We noodled around the mall parking lots at the Monterey corner, then meandered our way back to our place. We checked out some of the small bays on the way. Once we got back inside our gate, Sue checked out an Open House — nice home, bigger than ours, well-appointed, $269,000. We tried to buy a local paper from the newstand near the clubhouse but it didn’t work. Oh well, we try again another day — want to check out the ads for local golf courses.

Back at our house, we watched the golfers in our backyard while we had lunch. Then at 1:00 it was time to tune in to the first NFL wildcard game of the season. I watched the Texans defeat the Bengals while Sue wrote an email to the Albuquerque constable to let him know we had our purse back and to thank him.

Playoff pizza
Playoff pizza

At 5pm the game between the Vikings and Packers began. It was getting dark outside, and I could see TVs in some of the surrounding homes also tuned into the game. Sue ordered in pizza from Papa Don’s (we’d picked up a menu there on our morning bike ride). The pizza arrived a little after 7, by which time the Packers had the game under control.

Tomorrow we have 2 more games, starting at 10 in the morning! Ah, these are great weekends!