Phones and shopping in Palm Desert

Got up this morning feeling like my inner clock was adjusted to Pacific Time. We had coffee and sat around in the living room for a while, reading our emails and news and stuff. Sue had a big shopping list going. I went into the garage and worked on putting our bikes together — and once that was done I took a spin around the neighbourhood. It’s cool in the morning and most walkers have jackets or sweaters on. I cycled over to the driving range, which is down in the creek bed next to our place. $10 for all you care to hit all day. Hmmmm.. not bad. That’s probably what we should do before we venture out on the course, especially our course, where the fairways are so narrow and lined with breakable windows on either side!

We took the van back up to the big Walmart up on Monterey and bought some plates and kitchen things. Then down to Albertsons for to buy some groceries. And then down to Trader Joes for even more groceries. It was 12:30 by the time we were home — high time for lunch (soup and sandwiches).

After lunch I played with our Google phone system again. I cancelled my phone number and signed Sue up for one (same BABYMAX number, but with a different area code at the front of it). Tried it. I think it works, finally.

Then we went out for a walk around our community. A long walk. Sun was out, and although it started out as jacket weather by the time we were half way around we were carrying our jackets. We stopped at the Country Club office — to register and ask about golf memberships and so on. We’ll probably try golfing here once in a while, but we hope to find a golf course nearby that’s more our speed: less challenging and more open to ‘walkers’ who are just learning to play.

Sue in our back yard.
Sue in our back yard.
Happy hour on the patio

When we got back to our place it was time for happy hour. Out on our back patio, watching all the golfers go by, sun setting on the Santa Rosa Mountains. Sue phoned with her sister Mary and brother Dave. Then we had supper and headed out to the Westfield Mall Cinema for a 7pm movie: Argo. A pretty good movie. We hurried home to watch the 2-hour Paul Simon’s Graceland special on PBS. A good way to end the day.