Hangin’ around at home

Woke up early, before dawn. Sue made coffee, a first with our coffee maker. We watched the sun come up on the 13th fairway, just outside our window. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. I skyped with Koop and started working on a project for him. I think I finally figured out how to use our TracFone to make local and international calls. I’m not sure I’ve got Google Voice connecting to it, but we did finally receive and make calls. Alex called on FaceTime so we could visit with Max. Ingrid called (hi Ingrid). Linda, the property owner, also called. Sue did a few loads of laundry, since none of the towels have been washed (they’re all new) and won’t dry properly until they’re washed. We had sandwiches for lunch. Sue sat on the patio and did her nails and chatted with the ladies who were golfing today. We barbecued steak for supper. Then Sue read, and we watched a bit of TV before bed.