Windy and hot

No photos (AGAIN!) — another lazy day here. It was hot and windy most of the day. Robyn stopped by in the morning and we ‘made a date’ for supper out tonight. Sue read, while I tried to figure out what went wrong with my web project (I thought I was all done last night, but then looked at it in Safari and it was all screwed up!) Later in the afternoon I continued reading my ‘Three Men on a Raft’ book. Finally, at around 5pm, Robyn and Graeme came by and we sat outside on our patio for happy hour. We had talked about how we really hadn’t seen a lot of sheep in New Zealand so far, and how we were surprised how few restaurants here had lamb on the menu. So Robyn booked the Speights Restaurant for dinner tonight, and had called ahead and ordered 4 lamb shank dinners. Great. The restaurant is on the waterfront around the corner from our place. We sat outside on the second story patio and ate and visited. Although I almost never eat lamb, the meal was excellent. Now that we’ve had it once, I’m sure we’ll order it again before we leave New Zealand. It was a very fun evening — and though I’m sure that we’ll see Robyn and Graeme again during the next few days (we’re staying here until Saturday), it felt a bit like a farewell. We were back home by 10. We watched some of the highlights (low lights?) of a couple of the Sunday morning talk shows and then went to bed.