A return visit to the city centre

Let beer be for those who are perishing, wine for those who are in anguish! Proverbs 31:6

Dave and I went golfing this morning. Got some pars. And some eights. I guess that’s just how it’s going to be.

After our morning round, as I was taking my clubs back to the caddy shack, I stopped to have a chat with an elderly couple from Montreal who were eating their lunch at the pool. They are originally from Switzerland, and have rented the same apartment here for the last ten years. Right now they were enjoying a visit with their children and grandchildren — there were 4 or 5 little kiddies jumping in and out of the pool and playing on the play structure nearby. It is a pleasure to meet older folks who are happy and enjoying life.

I had sent MaryLou a text and she joined us at the clubhouse for lunch. She went to the gym after lunch and Dave and I went home. I had a little snooze upstairs until I was disturbed by our neighbour guy who comes once a week to mop our floors. So I sat on the balcony and worked on a crossword until he was done.

At six o’clock we took an Uber into the city centre. I don’t think I’d been there since Ken and Kaaren left. We went to the Le Pigua seafood restaurant, our third visit there, and shared three seafood dishes. Then we walked south along Calle 60 for about 2 kilometres, back to the little corner pub near Ken and Kaaren’s apartment. Along the way we (finally) stopped in at Mercado 60, a little “food court” tucked in beside the road. It’s the place where our Airbnb host, Mario, has a few restaurants. We walked in, took a look around, thinking that maybe we’d find Mario there. We didn’t, but we were surprised at how nice the place was — lots of food booths, lots of customers, a ‘happening’ place. We just might have to make a return visit and have dinner there before we leave for Cancun on Monday. We continued our walk.

It was Jazz night at the Cantina El Dzalbay. We pushed open the saloon doors and went inside. The room was crowded and hot. A 3-piece combo was playing as we made our way up to the rooftop to enjoy the cooler night air up there. Of course the band finished their set a few minutes after we’d sat down and ordered our drinks. Luckily Dave and I had each ordered a LARGE beer which would last us until the break was over and the band started up again.

Soon it was time for us to go home. MaryLou ordered an Uber and we had a long quiet ride home. The car dropped us off at the mini-super and we took a shortcut home, walking along a cart path on the golf course, listening to the neighbourhood dogs barking as we walked in the dark. When we got inside, Dave and I each had a small glass of wine before I went upstairs to watch the ‘At Issue’ panel review the days events in Canadian politics. And then to sleep.