All kaflooey

The sun came back. Another beautiful day in paradise. Started with a couple of great cups of coffee — made with fresh new beans from our Costco trip yesterday. Sue spent most of the morning ‘doing the books’ and at the kitchen table and cycled to the Wells Fargo bank. I’m still trying to putt four balls in a row on our little putting green in the backyard (I can hole 3, but invariably the fourth one misses). After lunch I poked around in the garage and ‘organized’ my golf clubs. We went to the Mountain Brook course a bit early for our 3 o’clock tee time and got on early. I had had a pretty good game on my last outing (to Longbow) so I wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. I should have known better, but I took out my six iron on hole number 4. DUMB! It’s like I’ve never golfed before — kind of like it was here at Mountain Brook 4 years ago. But I didn’t give up, and my next shot followed the first one into someone’s backyard. And then when I took out my trusty lob wedge my shot veered off sharply to the right. And so did my nine iron. And my sand wedge. What? I know I’m a crappy golfer, but this is ridiculous. By the time we finished the ninth hole, with the first hole open and still plenty of light left in the afternoon, we didn’t even WANT to go for a few extra holes.

Back at the ranch I added and re-added my score card. Hmmm… Sue got the rice and asparagus fried up while I barbecued the pork chops. We’ve not barbecued a lot since we arrived here a month ago.

I still have a few movies in iTunes that we haven’t watched, so we decided to watch one of them tonight — “I Am Love”. I had downloaded it in two parts. When the final credits rolled by after one hour, I realized we had watched ‘Part 2’ first! No wonder the movie seemed weird. We watched Part 1 and filled in some of the details. Still, not a great movie. In hindsight it may have actually been BETTER watching it this way! With all that farting around and trying to figure out what was going on, we’d frittered away the better part of the evening. Time for the CBC news. Sue went to bed while I tried to stay awake in case anything good happened on TV. I finally surrendered and went to bed too. And what’s Sue not watching on the bedroom TV? a PBS all-star tribute to the music of Bruce Springsteen! We watched that, and managed to stay up until it was over at 1:00am.