An oasis in a stormy world

I woke up at 6 today. I must be getting ready to move back to Manitoba’s timezone. I wrote my journal for yesterday and then at 7:00 it was time to sit down and watch our “Sunday Morning Shows”. I saw Karl Rove on the ABC news show — such ‘easy answers’ to complex problems (kind of like Ray Duerksen in Steinbach). Speaking of Southland, my friend Ed Peters sent me a couple of ‘Letters to the Editor’ from the last few issues of The Carillon — seems like the ‘Bill 18′ issue has got BOTH sides fired up back home. Makes a guy wonder if we should even bother going back home — it might all have gone to hell in a hand-basket by the time we make it back. And speaking of making it back, the top news story is the (ANOTHER!) big winter storm that’s pounding the Midwest. Really! Maybe we should just stay here in our beautiful artificial world and drink and golf for cheap for another few months!
We stayed home today. We had french toast and bacon for breakfast. The final round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando got hit by a major thunderstorm so we couldn’t watch Tiger try to reclaim the No.1 ranking this afternoon — maybe tomorrow. Sue went outside and read — she finished her book club book, State of Wonder. I spent the whole day on my computer. I have lots of work again — I drew some logos and created a booklet and started working on a website.
After supper we watched ’60 Minutes’ and then I went back to work while Sue watched more TV. I think I finished that Moose Tracks ice cream today for night snack — we’ll have to buy one more container before we head for home on Sunday. Sue went to bed around 11 and I worked on the computer until one. See, we must be getting ready to go home — we’re starting to keep ‘home’ hours!