Monday at the Oasis

Our easter lilies
The Easter Lilies from Robert and Arlene are really blooming now.

I woke up early again. Sue did laundry. I finished up some computer work for Koop and started on a new project. Max and Alex skyped for a bit. We had lunch. rudy-sue-golf-oasisWe went golfing at the Oasis Country Club. Sue booked it on golfnow for $12 each. Seriously! $12 each. That’s how much just the cart rental is normally. We checked in and got our golf cart. We had a 20-minute wait to tee off. We would be joining another couple. We went to the putting green for a bit. Then we met our golf partners — and they were THE SAME PEOPLE we golfed with here at Oasis a couple of weeks ago! Grant and Pam from Victoria. Nice. As my faithful readers will recall, last time my first tee shot here went onto the number 9 green and from there I put it into the fountain. Today my first shot went into someone’s backyard. From there I shot it into the fountain. Progress! But some pars and birdies followed that. Sue at the Oasis Golf ClubSue is just golfing better every time we go out. Putting, drives, scoring. We were slowed down by the fatsos ahead of us for most of the front nine, but the second nine were just fantastic — the sun was setting and a coolish breeze was keeping us comfortable. And i was hitting the ball much better. After the game our new friends invited us to take a look at their new motorhome. And then we joined them at the 19th hole pub down the street for happy hour. Pitchers of Stella and fish ‘n chips. And lots of visiting. Turns out that we haven’t done ANYTHING during our 3 months here — these people have seen concerts, plays, gone hiking, volunteered at the local zoo… Whew! I guess we’ll have to come back next year. We’ll definitely go to see the Joshua Tree park and maybe the Living Desert park. We said goodbye to our new friends and stopped at Albertson’s to pick up my Redbox rental on the way home. Snacked on chocolate and nuts while watching some dance show on TV. By 10:00 we were nodding at the TV. We’ll save our DVD for tomorrow. Tomorrow we plan to take that aerial tram tour. And we’ll wish our friend Robert a very happy birthday.