Another day, another round of golf

Six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day there shall be to you an holy day, a sabbath of rest to the LORD: whosoever doeth work therein shall be put to death. Exodus 35:2

Oh, oh. No rest for us golfers THIS sabbath…

Our fancy ‘Rocket TV’ thing stopped working today — I guess Mario hasn’t paid his monthly subscription fee and so now we DON’T get all the channels in the world. Well, at least we don’t get any of my Sunday morning talk shows and we don’t get Sunday afternoon golf. Now what will we do?

Well at least there is still an unfinished puzzle in the middle of the room. And Dave has just barely cracked open the Dan Brown paperback he found among all the Spanish self-help books on the shelf under the TV. MaryLou has columns and books and blogs to write. And I still haven’t figured out my Ajax-Wordpress coding thing. So why don’t we do that today…

MaryLou went to the gym around lunchtime. Dave and I decided to go golfing. Dave really wanted to fry up a hamburger but I convinced him to join me for lunch at the clubhouse before we started our golf game. We shared an order of shrimp tacos and watched a bit of the PGA tournament at Pebble Beach before getting our pull carts from the storage lockers.

The first tee was busy so the starter sent us out to hole ten. Great. We walked around the back nine and made good time. We were maybe only going to golf nine holes, but things were going so well and the weather was almost comfortable, so after finishing the back nine we just carried on teeing off on the first hole. By the time we finished all 18 holes we were exhausted. Golfing is HARD WORK!

When we got home MaryLou had completed the puzzle. What’s for supper? We need groceries. Can we Uber into town and do both?

And that’s how we ended up at two fine Mexican institutions: Dave finally had his hamburger at TGIFridays and then we went grocery shopping at Walmart.

MaryLou had made a grocery list so it didn’t take us long to zip through the aisles at Walmart and fill up our grocery cart. When we got to check-out we were told that all the carefully selected bottles of wine in our cart would have to stay there. Oh, that’s right. You can’t buy booze after 5pm on Sundays here in Mexico. We should have remembered that — we’ve had this happen to us before. I guess that’s the Mexican way of keeping the sabbath holy! Oh well, that gives us an excuse to go grocery shopping again. So no clinking bottles in the trunk of our Uber on the ride home. And no need to have him deliver us and our groceries right to our door. He dropped us off at the front gate and we carried our two small bags of fruits and my new deodorant back to the house.

No Netflix tonight. My feet hurt and my wrist hurts and I’m too tired from all that hard work on the golf course today. I’ll write my blog in the morning. Goodnight.