(another) Perfect Day for Golf

I worked on the computer again all morning. I know that it’s our last week here and that in a week from now I’ll be wishing I’d spent more time outside in this beautiful place, but I’m just getting swamped with work! Oh well, I really enjoy doing computer work too, so I’m not really complaining. Sue read her book club book. Sue called MTS and arranged to have our TV and internet hooked up for us for the 4th of April. Shortly after lunch the gardeners came and chased Sue back into the house. She skyped with Alex. Then it was time for us to get to our golf appointment. We went to Palm Desert again — Sue thinks it’s one of best courses for us. Although our tee time was for 3:08 Sue managed to talk the pro into letting us on 20 minutes early and to golf as a twosome. For the first few holes there was no one ahead of us, but we quickly caught up to the foursome ahead of us. By the second nine it became clear that we would NOT be barbecuing early today — things were a bit backed up and we had to wait at every tee. But we had a lot of fun, especially because the day was absolutely perfect for golf. A bit cloudy and hazy, a nice cooling breeze every now and again (those 30mph winds that were forecast for late afternoon never materialized), and such beauty all around us. And because we were slowed up we also got to enjoy the evening shadows on the nearby mountains and a sky on fire as the sun set.

golf-palm-desert-01 golf-palm-desert-02 golf-palm-desert-03 golf-palm-desert-04

We stopped at Albertson’s after we finished our game at around 6:30. We need more fruit for breakfast and I bought my last box of St Pauli Girl beer. It will be a bit of a shock to our system to not be able to buy great imported beer for a buck a bottle when we get home. At home we barbecued cheese and bacon burgers and watched our shows. We had a little night snack and then mosied off to bed at around 11.