Art Smith trail hike

Read a bit in the morning. Sue called just about all the people she knows in the morning. After lunch Sue went to sit at the pool and read. It was only about 20 degrees today — but it felt warm when the sun came out from behind the clouds. I did computer work until around 2:30 when Sue came in. We hopped into the van and drove south down Highway 74 to the foot of the Art Smith Trail. Parked the van and went for a one hour hike. On the way home we stopped at Vons for some bread and picked up a DVD for tonight. Had barbecued bacon-wrapped steak and potatoes for supper. Watched a bit of TV. Then at 8pm we watched our movie, “Your Sister’s Sister”. We both liked it. A bit more TV and Sue went to bed. I watched Jon Stewart and Colbert, and then at around midnight I too went to bed. Here are photos from the hike.
Art Smith Trail Hike Art Smith Trail Hike Art Smith Trail Hike