Back on course

Bacon and eggs for breakfast. So, what’s on tap for today? Well, I’ve got a golf game with Dave Driedger, tee time at 1:30 at Poston Butte. Sue and Noreen want to go sit at the pool for a while, and then go to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum Park in the afternoon. Ron will see how far he can ride one of our ‘town’ bikes. And that’s what we do.

After breakfast I get a Facetime call from Alex and Max. It’s great! I’m outside in the backyard and showing Max the familiar landmarks. He notices the singing birds. He reminds me of the ‘pokey cactus’ that Oma sat on. He says he misses me.

Ron says he wants to go on a 3 hour bike ride. He’ll do more than that, heading out almost all the way to Tortilla Flats and back. And it’s a windy day for a bike ride.

Noreen and Sue at the ArboretumSue makes me a quick sandwich for lunch. Dave is by shortly after noon to pick me up. The ride out to the golf course takes just over half an hour — it’s near Florence. When we get there we hit a few balls on the driving range first. We’re paired up with a couple from Wisconsin who are renting a home in the area. Charlie and Lindy are pretty good golfers. So are we. I manage to play mostly bogey golf — and although my putting is atrocious my drives and fairway shots are better than they’ve been for a while. It’s a good time. It’s a very fun course, challenging, but fair. The pace of play is a bit slow, but according to our partners that is not the norm here. We finish just before 6pm.

Noreen at the ArboretumBack at the house, Sue’s got supper going. Marylou has bicycled here. We have a drink and then I barbecue the burgers. After supper Ron shows us some photos from his recent trip to the Middle East and tells a few stories of the people he met there. Sue serves up her freshly-baked apple pie and ice cream.

The Driedgers say goodnight at around 10:30. Ron soon does the same. Sue and Noreen watch a bit of TV after cleaning up the dishes. I sit down to write my entry before going to bed too.