Cycling and golfing with the Janzens

Sunday morning. We turned on the TV. Sue made French toast for breakfast. I called Mountain Brook and booked a tee time for four for around 3 o’clock. It was supposed to be a great day, weather-wise.

After breakfast we all got our shorts on and went for a bike ride. Ron, who had ridden more than a hundred kilometres up and down hills yesterday, was a good sport about putting his butt on the bike seat again. We looped around the back acres of Gold Canyon, then around the loop, through Mountain Brook Village, and home again. I was interrupted by my phone ringing while I was peddling — Max was calling to show me how he could ride HIS bike in his basement. He was having a great morning of his own!

Back at the ranch Sue made lunch. Everyone sat around for a while. Sue started making our supper so it would be ready after golf. I divided up the golf clubs so we’d have 3 sets. Then I went to the driving range and hit a few balls. Sue, Ron, and Noreen came by with the van to pick me up at around 2:30.

Golfing at Mountain BrookWe got on to the first tee at Mountain Brook as soon as we arrived. A two-some ahead, no one behind. Noreen ‘caddied’ for us — kept score and oohed and aahed at our shots. Well, actually, it was Ron who surprised us all. He doesn’t golf a lot. Now, using someone else’s clubs, and without even a warm-up swing or a putt, he was swinging the club and hitting the ball far and straight, EVERY hole! We had a very fun round, walking the front nine holes. On the final par 5, Ron blasted his tee shot farther than I’ve ever seen anyone hit it, and finish it up with a fine putt.

When we got home Sue made us G&Ts for our happy hour. At around 5:30 we took a quick little walk up the hill behind our place, Vista Point, to watch the sunset. Unfortunately it was quite cloudy in the west, so we didn’t get to see the pink and golden rays lighting up Superstition Mountain. But the view from up there is great, and we sat around and listened to Noreen’s stories while the sun sank into the horizon.

We had Sue’s pasta casserole and salad for supper. The Janzens were interested in seeing a movie while they were here, and their first choice, “Birdman” was playing at the Harkins at Superstition Springs at 8 o’clock. So we had to hurry. Sue decided to stay home and watch TV instead of coming along. We had seen the movie a few days ago on our TV — I thought I’d like to see it on a ‘real’ screen.

When we got back from the movie I had a little peanut butter ice cream snack. We watched the news — and went to bed.