‘Blown away’ by a golf game at Las Sendas

After “sleeping in” until about 7:30, Dave and I went for a little ‘cruise’ around the neighbourhood on bicycle this morning. We cycled to Bashas’ and had a pastry and coffee. Then we biked through Mountain Brook and around some of the back roads behind King’s Ranch Road. We stopped in at the restaurant Wahoo’s to see if they would be showing the Jets game on their sports bar TVs tomorrow afternoon. (The guy we talked to ‘thought so’.) 

Back at the house we showered and got ready for this afternoon’s golf game. We had a sandwich for lunch. Then, just before we headed out, we FaceTimed my dad and sang Happy Birthday to him. 

We got a bit ‘lost’ in one of the RV parks across the road from Gold Canyon, looking for Robert and Arlene’s motorhome. It turned out we were in the WRONG RV park. Once we fixed that we put their golf clubs into the back of the van and set off for the Las Sendas Golf Course. It turned quite a bit windier than it was during our morning bike ride. The desert dust was creating some visibility problems on our drive, and gusts of up to 50 miles an hour was going to make the golf game a bit more challenging than it might have otherwise been.

We hit a few balls on the driving range before doing it ‘for real’ at the first tee at 2:20. The course was as tough as it was picturesque. Our round was not a quick round — we waited for the groups ahead of us at every tee. It was 7:00 by the time we finally finished (and I use that term loosely) the 18th hole and found a table inside at the restaurant for dinner. I think Dave broke a hundred on his round, and I scored around 115. Although the wind didn’t help our scores, it DID help to make us hungry and thirsty after the long afternoon. 

I drove the 20 minute ride back and dropped Robert and Arlene off at their Motorhome. Then Dave and I stopped at Wahoo’s again, just to make sure they were able to get the Stanley Cup playoff games on their TVs. Looks like we’ll be watching the Jets there tomorrow night.

Back at the house we had a drink and a bit of chocolate and tried to stay awake to watch Colbert. Not easy. By eleven it was goodnight and lights out and we were in bed. Forecast for tomorrow is similar — not as hot as it’s been for the past number of weeks, and still lots of wind. We have a morning tee time booked at Mountain Brook.