Broke and Unbroken

I was going to work on my computer project all day today; it needs to be ‘completed’ by Friday. When I got up the road was wet — it must have rained a bit last night — and the sunrise was obscured by clouds. A good day to stay home and get a lot done. I was well into my code when I had a surprise visit from my accountant. No, now is not really a good time, but then when IS a good time? Better deal with this right away. Okay, let’s go over the Mastercard bill line by line. What did you buy here? What is this charge for? Are you billing for these charges or are WE paying for them? Exactly what kind of ‘system’ do you have for keeping track of these expenses? Hmmm… One of THOSE days! And so I put away my project and worked on my defence. And sure enough, when I looked closer at some of the invoices I noticed there were some ‘new’ charges that I should take care of. And if you’ve ever been on the phone with MTS so-called ‘support’ you have some idea of what it’s like to talk to computer and internet companies. So there went my morning! And if I don’t count MY time as having any value, I made out okay. I got a $5 refund from my internet hosting company and a promise of a nearly $15 charge reversal from Amazon. So we’re “richer than we think”.

After lunch I got back to work on my website. Sue was itching to go for some ‘exercise’, but most of her suggestions involved getting me out of my chair, and that wasn’t happening today. Finally at mid-afternoon we got into the van and drove down to Signal Butte to the movie theatre to see “Unbroken”. We weren’t expecting a great movie and so that way we were not disappointed. We both enjoyed the book a lot but figured it might be impossible to tell such a long and incredible story in a two-hour movie. Still, after reading the list of nominees for the Golden Globes yesterday, we really need to buckle down and start working our way through all the movies we want to see. And so far this winter we have seen only a few.

We got back home for a late supper — leftover Chinese. I phoned my parents and Sue phoned Irmy. That was another half hour. Finally we sat down at our stations and watched another two episodes of ‘Suits’. Midway through Season 2. I think it’s getting better. Then the news. And to bed at 10:30.