Chores and Errands

I got up at around 6 and made a good cup of coffee. Sue joined me an hour later. After breakfast, at around 10, we got into the van and did a bunch of errands — banking, fruit market, Walmart, etc. Got back in time for ‘Holmes on Homes’ and lunch.

I worked on a website all afternoon, and listened to iTunes on my (new) sound system. Fun. Sue went back to Wells Fargo on her bike and then scouted out a haircut place. It was around 23 degrees today — nice and warm. I was getting tired of all the bird shit on our driveway near the garage — birds are finding a nice perch on the satellite cable that is stapled under the eaves. So I spent almost an hour moving that wire — up on the step ladder with pliers and a screwdriver. After I cleaned up the mess Sue and I headed across the street to the driving range. I hit a couple of buckets with my fairway wood; Sue whacked a few balls with her wedge.

When we got home we put on our cycling shorts and went for a spin around the loop. We met Marylou cycling home on her bike and arranged to stop by for a drink on our way back — which we did. Dave had been at baseball practice and had some tales to tell. We cycled home in the cool of the long shadows of the evening sunset at around 6:00.

Sue made a nice supper, I barbecued some sausage. After supper we watched a few episodes of ‘Suits’ before ‘Frontline’ started at 10pm.