Warm weather returns to G.C.

Worked on a website all morning. Sue went to the pool and read. I wanted to go to the driving range for a bit but I got sidetracked when the new neighbour across the street introduced himself, etc.

Sue-at-MtnBrkSue and I went to Mountain Brook for a 3:15 tee time. It was busy; we were stuck behind 4 ladies who insisted that they were NOT slow — but the old guys ahead of THEM were walking very slow. Well, it took us nearly an hour to finish 3 holes! And those ladies ahead of us were taking up to 5 ‘strikes’ at the ball and missing it every time! When I hit the ball onto the green AHEAD of them they got the hint and let us play through. Things sped up a little after that, enough so that we actually finished nine holes before sundown.

Rudy-at-MtnBrkSome nice views of Superstition by the time we got to number 9. I parred 3 holes and bogeyed 6 — for a 41 on the front nine. Probably my best nine so far.

When we got home Sue made us each a G&T before supper. Leftovers. A couple of episodes of ‘Suits’ before we watched a depressing documentary on PBS. Went to bed after 11:30.