Friday Night Out

I skyped with Alex and Max in the morning while Sue had her head reshaped and re-coloured. It took most of the morning too, and it was probably close to 2 o’clock by the time she got home and made lunch! Sue puttered around in the afternoon, finished her book, tried to get some sleep, while I worked over a logo for Oak Leaf. Sue hadn’t slept much last night so by the time it was happy hour, and after looking over the TV guide and finding NOTHING, she wasn’t feeling very ‘happy’ about anything. She’d gone to check out the new Wolfgang Puck Pizza Bar across from the hairdressers in the morning and was told that by 6:30 there was a 1-hour line-up. But since we’d had such a late lunch it didn’t really make sense to go for an early supper. Should we order in from the Italian restaurant across the road? Yeah, but then what? Well, can’t you find a good movie to rent on Redbox? Hmmm, not really. Maybe we should go out for a movie? No, I don’t want to order in a pizza and then go out for a movie. I checked the movies and to my surprise (delight?) I see that the Palme d’Or is running a whole bunch of foreign films, documentaries, Oscar nominees! Yeah, but now I’ve feshpaelt everything with all my farting around and Sue is NOT a happy camper. Oh boy. Okay, let’s go down to El Paseo and see if we can’t get a pizza at the California Pizza Kitchen, and then still make it to the cinema for an 8 o’clock movie. Whatever! So that’s what we did. And lickety-split we’re parked and get a table. Even got to see some of the cruisers still parading up and down the street. What kind of pizza should we order? I’m trying be as nice as I can — how about the special here on the front of the menu? It’s essentially a caesar salad on a thin crust. And some avocado rolls as an appetizer. I’m cheerleading as hard as I can here, but the other team is not going to be won over tonight. We enjoyed our meal, slowly finished the glass of wine, and still made it to the theatre with half an hour to spare. We sat in the empty theatre, waiting for the Chilean film No to begin. Slowly a few other couples join us. It’s already five after eight and still no film. Sue is a bit concerned. Plus she’s cold. I give her my sweater. Finally the movie begins. It’s Spanish, with subtitles. It’s about the 1988 plebiscite on the rule of dictator Pinochet, so the film feels very 1980s. And the story is riveting. I think it’s fantastic, the perfect film to keep Sue awake. We’re out a little after 10. I miss a couple of turns on the way home which gives us some extra time to discuss the movie. Sue has missed it all! What was that about anyway? So did that happen after Pinochet or during his presidency? Oh boy. We get home, Sue turns on the TV, checks her email, and goes to bed. I turn off the TV, turn out the lights, go finish up my project on the computer. I’m tired too. Crazy, eh? You do nothing all day and you fall into bed as tired as if you’d been splitting firewood in the bush all day.