Friday (Night Pizza)

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of pizza. Ecclesiastes 3:8

I had ‘a day off’ today. The Driedgers were outta here bright and early this morning. They were going to join up with Ken and Kaaren and Dave and Deb to go on an art tour in Merida. And this little piggy stayed home.

That’s what I did. I stayed home. I putzed around and I made a sandwich for lunch and I read a bunch of stuff online and watched a few tutorials about using Ajax with WordPress. I had the ceiling fan on and the air conditioner off and stayed reasonably comfortable all day.

The Driedgers were back at 3 o’clock. They stumbled in, all hot and sweaty and tired, and nearly collapsed. MaryLou went upstairs and Dave fell asleep on the couch. Whew! Must have been a pretty serious art tour!

After things had calmed (and cooled) down a bit, Dave made Caesars for us and we watched two more episodes of “The Kominsky Method”. Well, it turned out that Episodes 7 and 8 were final two of the season. So much for that series. Now we’ll have to find something new to put us to sleep each night.

I ordered a pizza online from Dominos — including a big Pepsi and box of chocolate-covered ‘schnetje’ for dessert. A guy on motorcycle delivered my order about 20 minutes later and we had Friday Night Pizza.

After supper we had an intense discussion (well, I was getting ‘tense’) about whether it is appropriate for teachers (and board members) who are paid by the taxpayers in their community to send their kids to a private school. And because this is MY journal, I can tell you that after some heated discussion on the matter, the Driedgers were both duly impressed with the logic of my point of view and eventually came around to my way (the correct way) of thinking.

MaryLou went upstairs to write her blog post while Dave and I, against our better judgment, watched the latest ‘bird-brained’ Netflix movie “Bird Box”, starring Sandra Bullock. It was over by around 10:30. The Driedgers went upstairs while I listened to the rhythm of the ceiling fan and wrote this journal entry. Whatever this page lacks in photos (me sitting on the couch with my computer?) will surely be made up for in MaryLou’s post about their art tour. Stay tuned.