Golfing Sidewinder

Sidewinder CartsSue started making supper right after breakfast. That way it would be ready for when we got home from golfing Sidewinder this afternoon with the Driedgers. We went to the golf course at around 12:30, even though our tee time was for 1:36pm. We hit a few balls on the driving range and Sue practiced her putting before we headed off to the first tee. Long wait there. The group ahead was waiting for the group ahead was waiting for the group ahead. I guess yesterday’s rain got lots of people to postpone their games to today.

All that waiting must have negated whatever ‘warm-up’ I got on the driving range. First tee shot ends up on the green of the hole BESIDE our fairway. I managed to salvage the hole but was scrambling for most of the game. Once again, the ONLY hole where water comes into play on the entire course swallowed up a couple of my Titleists. I always say that as long as I have a couple of good shots I’ll keep coming back to the game, but it sure feels like I’m going backwards! Meanwhile, Dave shot ten pars, Sue had only good drives, and Marylou made all the long putts.

Marylou, Rudy, and SueIt was getting close to 6pm by the time we got to the final hole. There were a few groups behind us, and we were still waiting for the groups ahead. Everybody was ‘pushing’ to finish their game. As we were waiting for the people ahead to move on up to the green, one of the golfers behind us hit a tee shot that hit the roof of our cart and landed ahead of us. Yikes! This could get dangerous.

We were cold and tired by the time we took the bags off the carts and headed back across the road to our house. The four of us sat around our table eating chips and drinking G&Ts before Sue served up her delicious pasta dish. That, and the nice bottle of wine Dave brought along, warmed us up. After dinner we moved to the living room for more visiting and dessert. By 10:30 I was having trouble keeping my eyelids up. (I should have had one of those coffees I made for Marylou — it seemed to work for her!) Not long after the Driedgers car left the driveway I was deep in a coma in my bed. What else is new?