What did we do Thursday?

After breakfast I got out the vacuum cleaner and while Sue dusted and tidied things up, I vacuumed the house. I cleaned up the garage and remembered that I had a flat rear tire on one of the Bishops’ bikes. So I took it apart and put a patch on it. Hope it holds. I monkeyed around on the garage door — the opener gets confused at certain times of the day (usually when it’s most inconvenient and we’re in a hurry) when the sun shines on the safety sensors — and prevents the door from closing. So I’ve made several cardboard ‘sun shields’ to keep the sun off the sensors and every time I think I have it fixed until the next time we’re in a hurry to leave. I made a new box-shield — we’ll see if this one will do it. It was a nice day again today. Sue and I pulled a few weeds out of the gravel that is our front yard — don’t want to have the neighbours complaining about us!

After lunch Sue went to the pool to read and I worked on my computer. Crunch time — the website is supposed to be done by tomorrow. Maybe I’ll have to pull an all-nighter. Around 3:00 I took a few clubs and hopped on my bike to go across the road to the driving range. Success. What else is new? Everything works on the driving range; it just doesn’t seem to ‘stick’ when I get on the course. When I got back Sue and I went for our walk to the Mountain Brook clubhouse and back. A lovely afternoon.

Back home we had happy hour. I showered while Sue made supper. After supper we watched one of the movies on my ‘must-see’ list. The Oscar nominations came out today and that puts some pressure on us. Tonight we watched “The Sniper” with Bradley Cooper. Good performance by Cooper. The movie is just ‘okay’. After the movie we watched a couple more episodes of ‘Suits’. Popcorn and ice cream. It seems that eating is the ONLY way for me to stay awake in the evening! The obligatory CBC News, with Thursday’s “At Issue” panel, completed our Thursday.