Hiking, Biking, Shopping, Swimming, Golfing, Eating…

Sunday in Gold Canyon. I was up at around 6:30. Alex not far behind. We sat quietly in the living room so as not to disturb Max. He joined us at around 7. Alex and I took a bike ride down to Basha’s to pick up some fresh pastries and the New York Times. When we got back we had breakfast.

Then we put on our hiking shoes, found some walking sticks, and drove down to the parking lot at Silly Mountain. It was a pleasant day for a hike. We took a couple of paths around the hill and ‘the boys’ even climbed up to the top of the tallest one. Quite a view of the Mesa valley below. When we got back down we took a quick tour of the little Botanical Garden with it’s various desert plants and learned the names of some of the cacti.

Back home we had sandwiches and chips and rested up a bit. Then Alex and Max dropped Tim and me off at the Gold Canyon golf course for our 2 o’clock tee time. They went off to check out the Mesa Market while Tim and I teed off on Sidewinder. What a great day! Hardly anyone else on the course. The couple ahead of us quit after 9 holes and there wasn’t anyone behind us for the entire game. We even stopped to pose for a ‘selfie’ on the fifth fairway, in front of our townhouse. I started the game playing quite well, but that didn’t last forever. Tim played very well. We both had a lot of fun. And we played so quickly that when we were finished and sent Alex a text to come pick us up, she and Max were just at the swimming pool, expecting to have a leisurely time there, and not expecting to hear from us for at least another hour.

When she DID come to pick us up we threw our clubs into the van and made a quick stop at “The Great Wall” to pick up Chinese food for supper. Delicious. 

Not much happened after supper. I read a few stories to Max. We plotted out a bit of a plan for the next few days. We had a little ice cream for night snack. And that was the end of another perfect day.