I’m getting older

I woke up a year older than when I went to bed last night. It’s our last full day here in Rancho Mirage. Another hot one. Nothing on the menu today — no more golf, no movie, no bike ride. Got a few happy birthday emails today. Had our usual bacon and eggs for Saturday breakfast.

Sue was busy cleaning and packing today. Laundry. Cleaning out the fridge. Sorting what to put in which rubbermaid bin. I sat at my Mac one last day before I packed it up into its box and loaded it into the van. Had a good time doing some web work. I’m already looking forward to more of the same when we get home.

I skyped with Tim and Alex and Max. Also got a skype from my brother Walter — all the Nikkel children are gathered at his place for Easter and they seemed to be celebrating quite a bit. I called my parents — they were happy that it seemed to be warming up a bit at home.

I barbecued some fine whistle dogs for supper. Now the fridge is empty. We sat in front of the TV in the evening. We booked us a hotel for tomorrow night in Vegas. We plan to visit the Joshua Tree National Park tomorrow morning, then drive up through the desert (courtesy of a hand-drawn map that JP shared with me) up to Vegas.