Jets game, burger, and Netflix

After breakfast I worked on my computer for most of the morning. I finally updated and posted all my blog posts for this trip — maybe that is why I have so little to say tonight. I thought about going to another movie in the afternoon but got sidetracked. Max and Alex and I FaceTimed for a bit and then I went for a walk. I bought some groceries at Albertsons and walked back to my house. The Jets were playing at 5:00 but the game was blacked out on my TV — so I found a site that was live-streaming it on the internet and watched it on my computer. I barbecued that big fancy burger I bought yesterday and loaded up a cheese-bun with all the condiments I could find in the fridge. And I sautéed the asparagus I got from Robert and Arlene and had myself a fine and fancy supper. Then I sat on the couch in the living room and watched some TV and some Netflix. And that’s it for this Wednesday.