Roadtrip home, Day 1 – golf, Jets game, Santa Fe

Got up at 6. Packed up and were in the van, heading to Bashas’ by 7. Fresh pastry from the bakery with a Starbucks dark roast. Ready for the road. Dave took the wheel. Heading east, into the rising sun. Up through Globe, heading to Show Low. Elevation is over 6,000 feet. The scenery is inspiring.

Show Low has a number of golf courses. We pick a random one, entered it into the GPS. About 12 miles off the road that we’re on. But it’s a golf course, and it has greenish fairways, and it’s open, and it’s got cars on the parking lot. Good to go. Parked the van. Restaurant is busy. Register at the pro shop. $40 with cart. Tee off right now, if you like. 

The course was okay — not great. The greens had been cored recently so putting wasn’t ANYTHING like on Sidewinder. The fairways looked easier than they were. We had a fine round. No waiting (a few players let us play through). The weather was PERFECT golfing weather — 21 degrees and a very light breeze. We made some pars and we lost (and found) a few balls. So that was about ‘par’ for the course. 

After the round it was about 12:30, (high) time for lunch. We went in and sat down at a table. Ordered. Not bad. Dave’s clubhouse was too big to finish. My chicken tenders were more crispy than tender. But it did the job. We left feeling well-fed. 

Back on the road. I drove for much of the afternoon. Again, the scenery was the highlight. At times, wide open spaces with desert plants. The some big buttes come into view. Especially once we got closer to the El Malpais National Monument. Dave tried taking a few photos through the van window as we whizzed by — without too much success!

We got into Albuquerque at around 6:30. The fuel gauge on the van was dinging — 30kms and we are DRY! No problem; Dave has found a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant just off the highway. We make it. Hurry into the restaurant. Yes, there is at least one of their TVs showing the Jets game. We get a table in front of that TV. The score midway through the second period is 3-2 Minnesota. Yes! With Dave and me cheering them on, the Jets should be able to turn this sip around.

We order drinks and a ‘sampler’ plate of food. But the game isn’t going according the plan. Boom. It’s 4-2 Minnesota. Then 5-2. Oh no. By the middle of the third period it is quite clear how this is going to turn out. And that’s what it does. It’s very disappointing.

Dave and I discuss options. There are LOTS of hotels within walking distance from where we’re parked. But what are we going to do from now (around 7pm) until bedtime? What if we decide to drive on for a way? What’s coming up next for us?

Looks Like the road out of here leads through Santa Fe, about an hour north. Let’s check that out. So we do. Dave drives into Santa Fe, and finds the hotel we should stay in almost right away. We check into the Santa Fe Suites. Park the van. Dave goes to the Albertson’s grocery store across the parking lot to get us some ice cream. I unpack some of our stuff and put the drinks into the fridge. We have just enough to make about 2 gin and tonics. Our little ‘kitchenette’ has a fridge and there ice in the ice tray. Dave comes back with the ice cream.

We have a nice evening, watching TV, me writing my blog, and Dave working on the New York Times Sunday crossword before calling it a day.

End of Day 1, roadtrip edition.