We’ve Got Visitors!

Use hospitality one to another without grudging. 1 Peter 4:9

I had to get up a bit earlier than usual today. I went downstairs and had a cup of coffee. Then I walked over to the golf course clubhouse and had another cup of coffee and an order of toast there. I had a golf lesson scheduled.

The driving range.

At 8:30 Miguel, my Spanish, as in ‘from Spain’, instructor started my 30-minute lesson. I told him I wanted to learn how to hit my long irons straight. So that’s what I worked on. And I THINK the lesson will pay off. At least now I know what I’m doing wrong and how to ‘fix’ it.

I didn’t always hit the ball down the fairway. Too often this is how I found it.

When the lesson was over Dave was sitting at the restaurant, waiting for me. Time to go golfing for real. So we walked the front nine. And I practiced what I’d learned. It didn’t always work. A few too many times i ended up finding my ball out of bounds, deep in a scrubby bush. I will not be a quick fix!

I didn’t get a photo of our guests so here’s a great stock photo that will represent them. (I’ve blurred their faces to protect their identity.)
We were on the ninth hole when I got an email. Ken and Kaaren are on their way over. Good timing! So we finished up the hole and sent MaryLou to the front gate to meet them while we put our clubs away. Dave and I rushed back to the house to have a quick shower before lunch. But when we got to the house we were locked out. So he called MaryLou and got her to come back to the house and I ran to meet the visitors. They were just through the front gate when I got there. I hopped into their Uber car and rode back to our house with them.

We sat around in our place for a while and discussed what to do for the rest of the day. After a refreshing drink we decided to go back to the clubhouse and have lunch there.

Ken at the #3 tee.

After lunch we got Ken registered as a member (for a month) at the club. By around 4 o’clock it was time for another nine holes. So MaryLou and Kaaren went back to the house to visit while the boys went for a quick nine-hole round. The first couple of holes were busy so the starter sent us to hole number 4.

When we completed nine holes Ken and Dave took the clubs back to the storage lockers at the course and showered there. I went home and showered. I put in a load of laundry and then FaceTimed with my mom.

Dave made us some tequila drinks for happy hour. Then we walked to the front gates and called a couple of Ubers to take us to the Hermano Republica restaurant for supper. Cheeseburgers and pulled pork sandwiches. Craft IPA brews to go with that. We said goodnight to our visitors and they headed back to their place in Merida’s city centre.

Back at the apartment it was movie time. Dave’s choice tonight. “The Sisters Brothers”. Rotten Tomatoes might give it a 85% favourable rating but it couldn’t keep our attention for any sustained period of time. Nod, nod, nod. Let me check my phone. What’s happening on Facebook. Scrabble, scrabble, scrabble. Bloop, bloop, bloop. So before we could add a few snores to the soundtrack we turned the TV off and headed up to bed.