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Didn’t do nothin’ today

Completely re-did my address book on my computer (again) today — somehow the iCloud version is combining my Mac address book with the iPad one and the Google address book AND the iCloud one! Duplicates. Anyway, I think I finally have that all cleaned up and figured out properly. Same goes for my calendar.
After lunch I read a bit more in my Steve Jobs book. We talked about golfing. Sue really wanted to go for a walk. We didn’t do either. At 4pm we went to the driving range (our first time this year) and wasted a bucket of balls — I probably had 3 good shots. Then we went to Walgreen’s to pick up a movie (Trespass) before I dropped Sue off at the hair-dressers in the Bashas’ mall for a 5pm appointment.
Sue warmed up the leftover Chinese for our supper. Then we watched the repeats of the Daily Show and Colbert Report. And Tim and Alex skyped with us for a bit — Tim’s finalized his new location and will probably be moving in close to Christmas time.
We watched our movie which wasn’t as bad as I expected, although it wasn’t very good. And although we both hadn’t done much all day, we were too tired to watch the news to the end — and dragged our weary butts into bed shortly after 10:00.

Reg and Rudy on Silly Mountain

Today is NOT Saturday

Reg and Rudy on Silly MountainToday at 10am our visitors arrived. Reg and Ingrid pulled up in their rented Ford SUV. Their first visit to our house in Gold Canyon. They’re staying at a resort up in northern Scottsdale, an hour away. We put on our hiking boots and headed up Silly Mountain out behind our place. It was warm today. We had a nice hike, not too strenuous, and returned to the house about an hour and a half later. Sue had pre-made our lunch earlier in the morning. We sat down, hot and thirsty, and had our some kind of lettuce wraps without the wraps.
Coyote on the golf courseAfter lunch we sat around a bit. We called the golf course and changed our tee time from 1pm to 3pm. We’ll go for nine holes a little later. Which we did.
Had a fun time golfing (again). No one else on the course; no pressure. And Reg and Ingrid were fun to go golfing with. We finished nine holes at around 5:30pm. The sunset was painting Superstition Mountain in some nice pinks; the air was quite a bit cooler than it had been in the morning; it was time to think about supper.
The Penners stopped at our local Bashas’ for a few groceries. We barbecued bratwursts and potatoes. Sat around the table and ate and drank and visited. Good times. All day if felt like it was a Saturday today — I guess because we had ‘visitors’ — and we had a long supper sitting around the table — and that’s what we do on Saturdays. But it isn’t Saturday. On the other hand, EVERY DAY is like a Saturday.
The Penners left a little after 10; they have an hour drive back to their resort. Sue cleaned up the dishes and we sat and watched a bit of TV and I updated this.

A very active day

Whew! I’m glad that’s over. I don’t think I can handle that much activity in one short day. In the morning we ate our burnt toast and then got on the bikes and went for a long ride: all the way to Walgreen’s, then back up to the parking lot at the hieroglyphics hike, then down a long dead-end street that seemed to lead up to a construction site up on a hill near the Superstition Golf community, then back home.

After lunch I vacuumed and Sue went shopping for more groceries. Then at 3pm we were back on the golf course. Another nine holes before the sun sets. Didn’t shoot as well as we did last Saturday, but after a bit of a rocky start we managed to pull it together a bit.

After golf we went to the Chinese restaurant on King’s Ranch Road and ordered take-out. I washed the van while we waited for our order. Back home for a delicious supper. Settled in for Monday Night Football — although by the second half most of the commentators accolades for Aaron Rodgers were starting to pay off — as the Packers (9-0) demolished the Vikings (2-7). A bit of late night TV before calling it a day — a very active day.


Sunday. A day to sit in front of the TV all day long. Perfect!

We got up just in time to catch our two favorite CNN programs: Fareed Zakaria on GPS and Reliable Sources. Then, after scrambled eggs, it was time for NFL. I got a little side-tracked by an email from Tim Schmitt asking me to build a website for one of his ‘horse buddies’. I finished that only to have the NY Giants lose a close one to the Niners. Then (after left-over cheeseburgers for supper) in the Sunday night game, which I expected to be a ‘classic’, the Jets lost badly to the Patriots.

We watched the CBC National news online before going to bed.

Mesa Market — on bike!

The weather forecast for today was nice in the morning, with strong winds for the afternoon. So, after our Saturday morning bacon and eggs, Sue decreed that we would get on our bikes and get our exercise in the morning before the 45mph winds arrival.

We decided to ride into Mesa to the big market at Baseline and Signal Butte. The shoulders on Hwy#60 have been repaved and it was time for us to check out this route. The ride was fantastic. Lots of shoulder, so even though there’s a lot of traffic on that highway it felt sort of like riding to Kleefeld on Hwy#52 — too much traffic noise to visit but you feel safe in your lane. No shoulder at all for the first couple of miles on Baseline but hardly any traffic. Actually the 15km ride only took us half an hour. Once we got to the market we idled around for a bit on our bikes — didn’t have the guts to go in and ‘shop’ in our spandex — and then headed right back home. Not a bad ride, but probably too boring to repeat regularly. The regular route around Gold Canyon is more interesting — hills, neighborhoods, no traffic.

After lunch Sue gave me a haircut. I hadn’t had one since we were in Chile last winter. Not quite a year. But Sue said it looked real ugly, and apparently everyone else thought so too. So finally Delilah had her way and I was powerless to resist.

Since Sunday is reserved for sitting in front of the television (watching NFL) we decided to go golfing at 3pm. Perfect weather. Nobody else on the course. Cloudy but comfortably warm. No wind. No wind? So much for those weather forecasts. We both had fun, and felt we were making progress. I shot 52, with a 10 on the final hole (damn sand trap), certainly one of my best scores so far. And Sue was getting under her drives. So that was a good afternoon.

Back at the house we barbecued cheeseburgers and watched TV. Then to bed.

Remembrance Day

Forgot all about having a ‘special’ Remembrance Day celebration today. I read the introduction to the Steve Jobs bio book this morning.

At 1:30 we went for a walk — ended up walking along the wash between two little developments — not easy to walk on the big stones with lots of brambles scraping our shins — we won’t do that again. But it was a long walk and served the purpose. We showered and ‘cleaned up’ and then sat around waiting for the proper time to arrive for us to go out for our Friday Night Pizza.

At 6pm we got in the van and headed out. We returned our movie rental. Then we parked on the full lot in front of the new Hitching Post restaurant on King’s Ranch Road. A happening place! Inside it didn’t look all that much different than the Garage Pizza, a place we frequented last year, but which has since closed. Lots of tables and old people sitting around them. An old Kenny Rogers wanna-be was singing and playing guitar along with his karaoke tracks. Blues song. Sounded good. Full house. We found an available arboreta table in the corner and sat down. No peanuts in the shell here, but at least they had the handy-dandy roll of paper towel on each table.

We ordered: a glass of merlot for Sue, a pint jar of “Kilt-lifter” brew for me. A medium #1 pizza. “Good choice,” says our waiter. The big flat screens are showing the NFL channel, CNN, a basketball game, and NASCAR. Lots of tables have a plastic basket of chicken and fries on them — seems like the ‘broasted’ chicken is a specialty.

Our pizza arrives. Not bad. Now I’m hungry. And Kenny Rodgers has the old-timers up on the dance floor! A couple of old round-bellied guys with red golfing faces and neatly combed heads are leading ladies with dark brown dyed hair and new jeans and neatly pressed cowgirl blouses around on the dance floor. One couple is the reverse; he’s got the dark dyed hair and she’s got a neat gray hair-do to match her big shiny earrings. The old women sitting at some of the big tables are watching her jealously — how did that old bag manage to snag such a handsome young buck?

By the time I’ve finished my second pint jar and Sue has boxed up the 4 pieces of leftover pizza I’m ready to get out of here. We’re not old enough for this. Old guys in new Walmart Wrangler jeans prancing up to Kenny Rodgers with requests for old Waylon and Willie songs dedicated to their sweethearts. Good times. Even the ‘youngish’ couple sitting next to our table are clearly ‘made-up’ upon closer inspection. She’s got long black straight hair better suited to a teenager, and is squinting through her make-up, typing away at her Blackberry while he plays with his iPhone. Even when their food arrives, she’s got one hand on her phone while the other holds her sandwich. It’s disgusting.

Sue drives us back to our house. Next week we’ll check out the Firemen’s Pub across the street. I find what looks like a pretty good movie in the “unwatched movies” folder on my computer and start it playing back on the TV. Whoa, I’m tired! better lay my head down a bit. When I wake up the movie is just over. Sue has watched it by herself. We close up and head off to bed.


Time to read…

Today we decided that our ‘activity’ for the day would be golfing (for a second day in a row). So we spent our morning inside; reading, computing, sudokus, eggs and toast. Got an email from Uncle Abe which triggered a whole series of Nikkel emails back and forth. Fun times. Also, we finally booked our flights back here from Winnipeg for January 1. Nice to get that settled.

Then, just before lunch, our Amazon book order arrived. The Steve Jobs book for me and 3 books for Sue. Great! Now we’ve got something to do for the long (Remembrance Day) weekend.

We went to the golf course just after 3pm. It was cooler and windier today, but still a great day for golfing. I shot quite a bit better than yesterday, although somehow I managed to miss recording our scores for one hole and so I don’t actually know how well I shot — well, maybe I should just add ’em up as is.

It was getting quite dark by the time we teed off on our last hole. We’d already heard the coyotes on hole #9 howling — now they were just lying there quietly, waiting for us to clear off. We stopped at Walgreen’s to pick up another RedBox movie (Source Code) before taking the long way round back to our house. A very big moon was slowly rising up from behind Superstition Mountain. Very impressive.

When we got home I lit the barbecue and was cooking chicken while Sue was making salads when the kids Skyped us. Big news: Tim has finalized the deal for a new location for Oak Leaf. A big relief for them; finally an end to the uncertainty about where they’ll be after Christmas.

We had supper and settled in to watch our movie. Sue thought we might have seen it before and I had already decided that Plan B would be to go to the Fireman’s Pub to watch Thursday Night Football if the movie was a repeat. But no, we hadn’t seen it before — so no football tonight. The movie was ‘okay’.

After the movie we watched The National on live-stream, then Letterman before calling it a day.

Active Lifestyle

Went for a bike ride at around 11. We cycled our regular loop and added a ride around the “Deerfield” suburb — got back to the house at around 12:30. Sue had booked a tee time for 3pm at Mountain Brook. We had our lunch outside — it was sunny and warm — it’s supposed to be cold and rainy again on the weekend so we have to make the most of the weather while we’ve got it. I diddled around with my new antenna but gave up after getting no more than 9 digital channels — PBS, NBC, FOX — even HD, and pretty good reception, but not really a replacement for cable.

Sue on the 9th green

We loaded our clubs into the van and went for 9 holes. Beautiful. One old guy behind us, but he stayed well back and put no pressure on us. We had a few coyotes on the ninth hole. Took a couple of photos on the final green. On our way to the parking lot we heard a squawking bird — and got a photo that explained why all the fuss: a big hawk had a bird in one of its big talons.

Hawk with dinner

We loaded up our clubs and took a ride into Apache Junction, looking for the fruit market Sue heard about. We found it and Sue bought a bunch of fruit. On the way home it was getting dark quite quickly — by 5:30 it was quite dark and by 6 it was completely dark. We stopped on our drive back to take a few pictures of the full moon over Superstition Mountain. Didn’t really get anything we’ll keep, but it really was quite beautiful. Stopped at Bashas’ on the way home and bought bread and a few other grocery items. Then home for supper.

Full moon over Superstition

Sue’s shrimp with pasta was a little too hot (spicy) even for our tastes. But we were hungry and we ate it all. Then we settled down in the living room to watch tonight’s DVD — The Tree of Life. Long and beautiful and a very slow-moving and abstract. We ended our evening with a bit of CBC news.

End of Week 1

After breakfast (yes, after BREAKFAST) we watched the RedBox DVD we picked up at Walgreens yesterday — Mordecai Richler’s “Barney’s Version”, nominated for Best Makeup Oscar last year. Two hours of great movie. And it’s fun watching movies in the morning — we don’t fall asleep during the slow parts.

After a quick lunch, we went for our first hike. An hour and a half on Silly Mountain. Cool weather, but sunny — perfect for hiking. Showered and then headed into Mesa. Returned our cell phone to Walmart. Bought a new office chair and new jeans. Back home I put the chair together. Then the doorbell rang and my antenna order arrived. I hooked up my computer to the TV, and the audio to the Bose system. I played with the antenna a bit — got 3 Digital channels with the antenna inside the house. I’ll try it again with it mounted outside.

Supper. A bit of computer work for me, reading for Sue. Then we watched Frontline and some late night TV. Off to bed.

Blue Monday

Rained at night, and the morning air was downright cold. Sent an invoice to the ICS in Hong Kong for work on MaryLou’s book. Skyped with Dave D for a bit while Sue was busy on the MagicJack phone and reading. We had a late lunch. I did a bit of web work until 3pm when Sue and I went for a long walk. We rented a movie from Walgreens and walked back to our house. It was cool and a bit windy, but we were still wearing shorts. That’s better than back home, where the first snow of the year has fallen.

After supper we settled down to watch Monday Night Football, a great game in which the Bears managed to upset the Eagles in a hard-fought battle. Then we watched the CBC National (Livestream) before calling it a day.